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At First Support, the NDIS services we offer considers the individual preference and personal needs of each participant. Our disability support programs are curated by experienced specialists of the industry to respond to the participant’s needs and preferences. We work directly with our participants and their families, to have one-on-one conversations to understand their personal life, preferences, choices, and the goals that they want to achieve. NDIS services include hospital at home and other nursing and community care services, which cater to individual needs. Our disability support program is designed to suit the abilities and preferences of the participants and help them lead a better and happier life.

Unlike other services, disability support services understand and cater to the complex behavioural, emotional, and medical needs of the participant and enable them to fulfil their goals. Our highly personalized disability care services can be managed by the participant, their carer/family, or an NDIS services provider like First Support, Australia’s disability service provider. To narrow the cultural barriers and ensure that our participants are as comfortable as possible, we offer our disability support program in languages like English, Hindi, Vietnamese and many more. Requirements change with little notice in complex and difficult circumstances. During such situations, we adapt to the environment and ensure that the transition of our disability support program is fast and efficient.

National Disability Insurance Scheme in Melbourne

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or the NDIS services aims at providing funds and assistance to disabled people to build their dreams and independence. First Support in Melbourne is an NDIS-funded disability services and support organisation, providing physical disability services to people having a substantial impact on their day-to-day life due to a significant disability. We prioritize our participants and their needs and focus on developing a sense of belong ingness and compassion in them. For those participants who need extra support to achieve their employment goals, we have disability employment services. Participants will have lots of choice and control over how and where they work. With their plan funding, participants can purchase on the job employment support and use it in any workplace including self-employment, small businesses, social enterprises, government, and non-government organisations.

First Support, being one of the best disability service providers in Melbourne, aims to satisfy the highly complex needs of the participants with a variety of services and more than 100 qualified staff members. We offer Round the Clock Care, Short Term and Respite Accommodation, Supported Independent Living (SIL), and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Our disability services include Accommodation, Mental health care, Nursing care, Behavioural care, Support coordination, Community support service, and In-home support services at our disability centre. Our disability support program powered by NDIS services aims at providing the participants with an access to Government funding to lead an independent and happy life and to achieve their goals. Contact us on 1800 00 89 89 or write us an email at info@firstsupport.com.au for more information!


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