Supported Independent Living (SIL)

It is mostly a shared living arrangement where you’ll have help or supervision in daily tasks that you do, which will help you build your skills to live independently. It is a paid personal support.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

As a person with disability, if you have an extreme functional impairment or high needs, this accommodation is designed specifically for your needs. It’s mostly a single occupancy accommodation as it caters to the specific person staying there.

Respite Services & Short-Term Stays

If you have a regular carer and either you or your carer need a short break, we provide respite-care services for you. We have short-term accommodation where you can stay with us until you and your carer are ready to go back to your previous routine. This will also give you the space you need to do things independently without help.

Mental Health Care

The team at First Support aims to provide early intervention support, both clinical and non-clinical in nature for their psychosocial needs. The treatment for mental health issues can be a combination of therapy and medication, and both are provided.

Behavioural Care

At First Support, we give importance to behavioural support and care for people with disability. As it requires special care and attention, we create a plan strategized to cater to the individual’s needs. These plans are created by specialists who have experience in this area and are designed to respond to the individual’s requirements. Practices that can be restrictive to the individual are minimised.

Complex Care

First Support has come to accept the fact that a set pathway is not the same for all individuals and in fact, some people need a combination of care and support to be able to live independently. NDIS has also recently recognised this and has developed a Complex Support Needs pathway where a person with disability does not have to choose just one type of support to accommodate their needs.

Support Coordination

With support coordination services, we can help you with various aspects of your scheme including helping you access your funds, connecting with various agencies, and negotiating with various parties and stakeholders to get the funds you deserve. With our help, you will be able to achieve your dreams and build your skills so that you can live independently.

In-Home Support Services

With in-home support services, you will receive all the services you need like assistance with personal care, cooking, cleaning, or providing you access to respite. In case you are not looking for assistance with house chores, you can also learn new skills so that you can remain independent and maintain your job.

Community Support Services

Community support services mainly involves getting you connected with different communities with shared and diverse interests or joining community activities that are mainly centred around people with disabilities. You can join sports and recreational programs through our social and community activities.

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