In-Home Nursing – Caring for Older People

In-home nursing care is provided for those who do not want to leave the comfort of their homes but need assistance from an in-home nurse. First Support Melbourne offers a wide range of in-home nursing care services. We provide nursing homes in Melbourne with all the necessary services to take care of our participants. In-home nursing services are available at different levels and you can choose one according to the level of support that you need and your preferences. You can search for nursing homes in the area for home nursing services.

The Advantages of In-Home Nursing Care

Packaged in-home nursing care for the elderly offers a wide range of services to help them de-stress and relax. In-home nursing care costs can be covered through private funding or Government-funded home care services.

Supported Independent Living

Living Independently in Your Home

Our in-home nursing services are personalized according to the needs and preferences of our participants. Older people will prefer to receive support and personalized care at home. Staying in their place which they are familiar and comfortable with, will help them realise their newfound independence.

Support in Daily Living Activities

In-home nursing care provides elders with the support in day-to-day activities along with the personal care that they need. Assistance will be provided in activities like cooking, cleaning, laundry, bathing along with specialized nursing and personal care.

Access to Skilled Nurse at Home

Our participants will receive skilled medical care at the comfort of their home. Certified in-home nurse who are knowledgeable in latest-technology medical equipment will supervise your health from time to time. Your medical needs will be met, and you will receive nursing and care at home.

Support with Nutrition and Diet

Adults with chronic conditions or those who were recently discharged from a nursing facility or hospital will be nutritionally at risk. A lot of lean body mass will be lost due to aging, illness, bed rest, or injury. In-home nursing care for the elderly will consist of an in-home nurse who will provide home cooked meals and nutritional counselling to help you against malnutrition.

Supervision of Medication

In-home nurse will supervise the multiple prescriptions and will ensure that you take the right medicines at the right time. It will help in controlling your health and preventing any harmful drug interactions and provide the much-needed support and care in home.

Caring Compassion

It is shown that older adults stay healthier with more social interactions. In-home nurses will provide a sense of companionship and trusted friendship to the aged participants as they accompany each other for short walks, games, movies, meals, and other activities.

If you are worried about yours or your loved one’s health and need one-on-one support and focus, then consider receiving in-home nursing care for the elderly services at an affordable cost. You can contact us on 0423 595 888 or write us an email at or search for nursing homes in the area or nursing homes in Melbourne to get more details about in-home nursing services.

Hospital in the Home

Hospital in the Home is for those who have the necessary means to stay at home and continue the treatment as they did if they were an inpatient. Staying at home increases the rate of recovery if the patient is clinically stable and can continue the treatment at home. There are some criteria to meet to be eligible for Hospital in the Home Treatment.

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