Child & Youth Mental Health Services in Melbourne

At First Support, we provide co-ordinated mental health services for children and youth. A variety of community services are provided to assist young people and families in matters of mental health care. The services include school counsellors, community health centres, general practitioners and so on.

Here are some of the major issues our children and youth participants face:

  • A sleeping or eating disorder
  • Difficulty controlling emotional outbursts, mood swings, or those suffering from depression
  • Issues in relationships
  • Experiencing trauma from either abuse or a traumatic incident
  • Excessive anxiety, worry, sadness, or shyness
  • Experiencing actual physical pain which can stem from emotional distress
  • Trouble with memorizing, concentrating, or learning new things
  • Self-destructive thoughts about suicide and self-harm
  • Experiences that are unusual like hearing voices or seeing odd inexplicable things
  • Experiencing a loss of motivation and enjoyment
Mental Health Care

When contacted, First Support provides you a mental health care intake worker who will speak with you and ask you for details about your issue. These intake workers come from a range of mental health care professionals who will ask questions and help you get the most appropriate mental health care service.

A Quick Guide to Mental Health Care

Mental health problems have risen a lot over the past decade and as a result, more and more people are suffering from some or the other form of mental illness. Everybody in the society is constantly running around with no time for relaxation, which can cause depression. Depression, while common, has its sufferers working through it on their own due to the stigma around it. But with changing times and increase in awareness, mental health care provisions have been put in place.

Since people tend to hide depression, by the time they think about getting treatment, they are already at the lowest of lows. At this point, only mental health care treatment can restore their health and save them. A person suffering from mental illness often does not take initiative to get better. Hence, they need someone from the outside to let them know what they are suffering from is normal and does not mean that they are going insane. Adult mental health services are necessary to help them clear up their mind. Apart from general community mental healthcare services and other common mental health care plans, there are also specialized mental health care services such as homeless mental health services.

As mentioned before, people who are suffering from depression seldom acknowledge it, so following are a few common signs of depression:

  • Sleeping too much or fatigue
  • A desire to stay indoors and reluctance to socialize
  • Angry outbursts
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inexplicable pains and aches
  • Difficulty in remembering things or a change in personality

Depression is just like any other illness like the common flu or a heart disease. Hence, it is vital to treat it with just as much importance. The society should be a little more understanding and receptive towards those suffering and help them in the best way possible.

We at First Support aim to provide the best care to the participants, no matter what. With over 100 qualified staff members, we consider ourselves able to fulfill your requirements in Melbourne and across Australia.

You can learn more about our mental health care services in Melbourne by contacting us on 1800 00 89 89 or emailing us at