Looking for Complex Care Solutions?

From physical trauma to substance abuse, people go through a lot of trauma in life. While there are services available for them, many times people face more than one problem, and this leads to needing complex care. There are complex care services like First Support that help with complex health care and have provisions like complex care nursing.

Complex health care needs occur when a person has multiple issues in life that have a profound impact on their personality or their well-being. The issues can include things like mental health issues, substance abuse, and even developmental issues, particularly in children.

As far as identifying those needing complex care, it is difficult to determine as each need differs according to personal circumstances. Furthermore, complex care needs can vary not only over various spectrums of life but also at different ages. Children can be affected in a different way than the middle aged and elderly. Dementia is one of the things that falls under elderly complex health.

Complex Care

According to the NDIS, Complex care includes, but is not limited to:

  • Interacting with a multitude of systems, especially mental health, justice, child protection and so on.
  • Treating patients with a history of abuse or mental or physical trauma.
  • Identifying and treating behaviours of concern
  • Interacting with many community supports like mental health or homelessness supports
  • Performing multiple diagnosis or psychosocial disabilities, which are degenerative conditions having inconsistent needs.
  • Looking after people needing complex care within homes, like helping families having multiple children with disability and so on
  • Aiding people who have insufficient support or aptitude for decision making
  • Helping people who have difficulty regarding markets and services, like a person who is finding it difficult to find someone to take them on board as a client and so on.
  • Helping someone who is in a hospital or prison who cannot exit the space due to the inability to find accommodation

Best Complex Care Solution Provider in Melbourne

The skilled, expert staff at First Support believe that people need both care and support to sustain an independent existence. Hence, a set pathway is not the solution for all individuals. In fact, NDIS has also recognized this and has consequently developed a pathway wherein a person who is suffering from a disability can choose more than one type of support to full fill their needs.

First Support is an NDIS-certified disability service in Melbourne, and we believe that participants should be provided with the best care possible regardless of the complexity of their needs. With over 100 staff members all over the country ranging from support workers and case managers to specialists and registered nurses, First Support has the capacity to full fill even high-level complex needs of individuals such as 24-hour care, Specialist Disability Accommodation, Respite Accommodation, and so on. We not only find the best support that satisfies the needs of an individual but also understand cultural needs and provide our services in a fast and efficient way.

To learn more about our complex care solutions, complex care clinics, and other services, you can call us on 1800 00 89 89 or email us at admin@firstsupport.com.au.