Community Care Melbourne

Community care services are designed to provide care and support to participants to live independently and with dignity in the community. Community care will play a major role in avoiding social isolation. At First Support in Melbourne, Community Care Centre programs are specially designed focusing on elders with mental or physical disabilities. Educational, Recreational, Occupational and Cultural activities of the community care centre will amplify the care in the community and help in developing living skills.

Community health centres were set up to meet the health care needs of disabled communities in the local population and to increase the sense of belongingness among the participants. Our professionals at community care centres often join the participants in many activities that help them in socializing, thereby increasing the care in the community. Community health care services help participants to unveil their inner strength and regain the confidence to become more independent. Some of the community care activities include:

Community Care
  • Joining important religious or community events
  • Going to the beach, lake, or the park
  • Attending sporting games
  • Meeting new friends or caching up with the old ones
  • Visiting shopping malls or other local attractions
  • Attending art, music, or drama classes
  • Participating in golf, swimming, or bowling.

Community Care Service Provider

Community care services help you stay connected with different communities having shared and diverse interests and helps in increasing the care in the community. Joining social, recreational, or sports activities will help you socialize with new people, refresh your mind, and spread positivity. Community care centres help in developing skills and provide care in the community. The community health centre also acts as a retirement home for ailing and aged people. Through community care programs, participants are trained to take good care of their health. Basics of wound care, medications, and hygiene are taught to help them lead an independent and happy life in their retirement home.

Things that you should keep in mind before opting for a Community care service provider:

  • Your community health care plan should be designed with a collaborative approach, keeping your needs and preferences in mind.
  • Responsibility and level of control for your community health care services.
  • Transparent and clear information about the services and costs should be provided.
  • Freedom and flexibility to choose your community health centre.
  • Access to community health centres.
  • Provision of high-quality service and comfort at your retirement home.

We have experienced and certified professionals who offer high-quality community care services to the participants. A community health centre medical staff will be allotted to each participant and they will monitor your medication, treatments, and discuss your overall progress from time to time. We offer personalization of services according to your choices and preferences. To receive community health care services in Melbourne, you can search for a community health centre near you. Call us on 1800 00 89 89 or write us an email at to know more about our high-quality personalized community care services that can be offered at your retirement home.