Child Behaviour Care Tips and Strategies

Feeling frustrated at your child when they refuse to comply with you and show constant defiance to your fair and reasonable requests is natural. It gets even more difficult to deal with it when you seem to have tried everything and nothing seems to be working. While some parents resort to reprimanding the child every chance they get, others simply give in to the tantrums and believe that it is their onus to keep their children happy all the time, no matter the cost. Neither attitude is correct or healthy. Your job as a parent is to aid the growth and development of your children into independent adults. If you develop a good relationship with them, they might come to you for advice and reassurance as adults as well. Though there are organisations like First Support in Melbourne that offer behavioural care services and behaviour support plans, it is essential to be able to handle the attitude as a parent as well.

Keeping the above points in mind, the following list of tips and strategies are used to make and observe positive changes in child behaviour:

  • Your aim is to have a friendly and happy relationship with your kids. Spend time with your kids and show that you enjoy their company
  • While you should not spoil your child by giving in to all their wants and tantrums, it is also important to understand your child’s needs as parents, which include not only physical but also emotional needs
  • Avoid using negative discipline as it can have negative implications on you and your child in the long term
  • You should introduce them to a list of possible sanctions that will be imposed if they fail to follow your instructions, like removal of TV or going out privileges.
  • Show no anger when you issue instructions, instead be firm and assertive
  • Praise your child if they are doing something good or following your instructions correctly. Supporting positive behaviour does not have to include over the top gushing, you can simply acknowledge the precise thing they did that deserved appreciation
  • Take the support from people who have a positive relationship with your child.
  • Be prepared beforehand to face the ways your child might retaliate and regain their power. Do not resort back to negative discipline patterns and simply give responses to arguments that are dismissive and do not leave scope for further argument.

Benefits of Behaviour Care in Melbourne

Behavioural issues not only influence the concerned individual but also turns out to be a challenge to the family and friends of the individual. Behavioural care offers a lot of advantages. One of the major ones is that since the behavioural support is provided by experts and experienced professionals. Through positive behaviour support strategies, they help the concerned individual overcome their behavioural challenges.

We at First Support realize the important of behavioural support for people with disabilities. To cater to their needs, we curate specialized plans to cater to individual needs. The aim of the program is to understand the reasons for challenging behaviour with interventions that are person centred. We aim to cater services that enforce positive behaviour for learning and help these individuals overcome their behavioural difficulties.

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