In First Support, we provide accommodation for people with disability to ensure that they can live comfortably with all the necessities around them. For a person with disability, having to live in an accommodation that does not cater to their needs can be difficult, not to mention frustrating. Instead, having their own accommodation will help them learn to live independently and achieve their basic task. If you are a person with disability, you’ll be glad to know that we have three types of accommodation:

Supported Independent Living

It is mostly a shared living arrangement where you’ll have help or supervision in daily tasks that you do, which will help you build your skills to live independently. It is a paid personal support.

Supported Independent Living

Specialist Disability Accommodation

As a person with disability, if you have an extreme functional impairment or high needs, this accommodation is designed specifically for your needs. It’s mostly a single occupancy accommodation as it caters to the specific person staying there.

Respite Services and Short-Term Stay

If you have a regular carer and either you or your carer need a short break, we provide respite-care services for you. We have short-term accommodation where you can stay with us until you and your carer are ready to go back to your previous routine. This will also give you the space you need to do things independently without help.

First Support is an organisation that aims to provide complete support and care to people with disability to improve their way of living and make them independent. Contact us on 0423 595 888 write to us at if you have any questions.